US President Donald Trump just hit the 100 days in office milestone.

As a way of gauging if he met the ambitious goals he had set for the period, the Society for NewsDesign and the Danish newspaper Politiken invited cartoonists from all over the world to create cartoons that addressed this question: “How did Donald Trump manage his first 100 days as president?”  Invitation here

All news organizations that participated in this project have access to the entire cartoon’s catalog and are allowed to publish any or all of them in print and/or online as a shared copyright.


The response was overwhelming: 71 cartoonists in 37 nations participated. 46 media brands are represented.

“We see a number of amazing caricatures of an already defined caricature. It is the power of good and evil and the wildest hairstyle ever”. Søren Nyeland, Design Editor, Politiken

This was not a competition, but rather a clever way to show how Trump’s first milestone was viewed around the globe. Participants were free to submit previously drawn cartoons of their choice, or they could draw one specifically for the project.

The cartoonists were instructed not to turn the opportunity into pro- or anti-Trump propaganda; instead they were asked to bring wit and political insight through their work. Most cartoons use humor to make a point, while others give a sharp, creative and intelligent edge to the current political situation. Of course, Trump’s outsized personality and features were magnified delightfully.

Thanks to all the participants, cartoonists, publications and editors for making this Trump 100-day cartoon project a triumph!